Talk to the Configuration Manager Team in March!


Hi, everyone, in March, we'll have some opportunities for you to talk directly with the team that makes Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager! 


We'll have an Ask Our Configuration Manager Experts session next Wednesday, March 10, at 8 am PT. We'll be answering questions live in a Teams Live Event. Not a good time for you? Look for us to open an AMA post here in TechCommunity on March 9 and get your question in ahead of time. Then show up any time to playback the recording of what was answered live! 


We also have 1:1 consultations on a variety of topics, including Configuration Manager 1:1 consultations, from March 15-19. Slots are available, first come, first served, with times convenient to any time zone! 


And don't forget our 24-hour deep dive marathon, Endpoint Management Acceleration Day. You can attend one of three options, or mix and match among the options to get a time that works for you. Here are the hours you'll want to catch for ConfigMgr:


Windows Hour 1: Cloud attach your organization

Your IT team has been tasked with planning and executing on a Cloud transition for endpoint management using Microsoft Endpoint Manager.  Learn how to use Configuration Manager to make targeted devices enroll into Azure AD and enroll into Microsoft Intune, to enable devices into management through Autopilot, and when and where CMG plays a role.


Windows Hour 2: Policy management on a cloudy day

Bringing devices under management in the Cloud is one thing. But the more critical piece of the process is reconciling configurations and settings that affected device behaviour on-premises, which may need to be different online. From evaluating on-premises policies and configurations, to translating them into online-consumable formats for the device, we will walk through:

- DCv2/Settings catalog

- GPAnalytics - Should I move all settings to the cloud if I can?

- ADMX files - What to do and what to avoid.

- CSP policies - Are they glorified GPOs or something different?


Windows Hour 3: Leveraging the cloud to update and secure your devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manager

In a hybrid environment with remote workers, security and compliance are harder than ever to stay on top of. In part 1 of this 2 part session, we'll discuss how to take advantage of the benefits and simplicity of Windows Update for Business in a hybrid environment with Configuration Manager. We’ll also review the related reports in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager portal. In part 2 of this session, we’ll configure and discuss the recommended setting for Microsoft Defender anti-virus, and explore the new agent status and malware reports.

And while this one isn't about Configuration Manager, it does try to help anyone going through log withdrawal with Intune

Windows Hour 4: Where are my logs? Troubleshooting a Windows MDM device.

Assuming you've moved all of your Windows devices to the Cloud (managed by Microsoft Intune) how do you effectively manage and troubleshoot a Windows device that no longer has our beloved Configuration Manager Client Logs? Troubleshooting a Cloud managed device can feel daunting and even tricky. We will cover some typical ways in which to service your Microsoft Intune managed Windows devices before calling Support.

We hope you can join us in March!

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