Sync errors following 3rd Part Update Publishing

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Having sync'd the updates (Lenovo/HP in my case) and 'published' the updates I wanted, I then got the following errors in the wsycmgr.log:

Generic exception : ImportUpdateFromCatalogSite failed. Arg = 001d4517-c586-4bb1-9e66-ed6ff8e8d34f. Error =The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.

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I can't seem to find any reference for this anywhere so hopefully someone can help out. It's a lab machine with no proxy restrictions, etc but I'm running as a test before going to prod so don't want to run into the same issue there where it'll take much longer to sort out any issues.  Have attached log.


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@Simon Bond Those errors don't seem to be related to third party updates which are part of the normal updates sync and in fact higher up in the log seem to be synchronizing correctly.  Those seem like errors attempting to sync surface driver updates.  From the errors it seems like maybe there is a network access issue, can you make sure that your site server can connect to the update catalog?  You can test with the browser, for example try to access the following URL for that error you gave an example:


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@davstew Thanks. I am able to reach the URL below from a browser, though it's an interesting theory that this might be related to surface drivers as I did kind of see an article that suggested a similar error with Surface drivers had been fixed in, I think, 1806. I will try disabling and see if there is an improvement. I guess I jumped to the 3PU conclusion, possibly prematurely simply because I'd not noticed this issue prior to 3pu testing but I guess it might have been there. Will update you on any findings. There is certainly no restrictions from an internet connectivity perspective on this setup, it is completely open.

Before any third-party updates can sync into SCCM, they need to be published to WSUS. The publishing operating can be performed using the following methods:

Patch My PC’s Publisher
SCCM’s Third-Party Software Update Catalogs Feature
System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP)
NOTE: When using our publishing service or the third-party software update catalog feature in SCCM, the publishing of third-party updates to WSUS is performed by a background service. If an update fails to publish to WSUS, you will need to review the SMS_ISVUPDATES_SYNCAGENT.log if using the third-party software update catalog feature in SCCM. If using the Patch My PC Publisher, you can review the PatchMyPC.log in the installation directory.

If there are no errors in the logs, the next step is to review if third-party updates exist in WSUS. Since the WSUS doesn’t directly expose third-party software updates in the WSUS console, you will need to use our publisher.

In the Advanced tab of our publishing service, you can run the Modify Published Updates wizard to view what updates are published to WSUS.

Review Third-Party Updates Published to WSUS

If the third-party updates that aren’t appearing in the SCCM console do exist in WSUS, proceed to the next troubleshooting steps.

@Lewis-H and @Simon Bond : When using the built-in third-party updates feature, no additional (third-party) tools are needed to publish third-party updates to WSUS and/or synchronize them to the ConfigMgr site database. All of this is taken care of by ConfigMgr.