SUP And Distribution Point

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Hello ! 


I would like to know if i need more than Distribution Point role for a distribution point to deploy Software Update with SCCM ? 


I have installed server Distribution POint which work great with application or PXE boot. But since i did that, computers won't update.


If software update role are necessary on the distribution point, how do you deal with distribution point with Windows 10 software wich doesn't support WSUS engine ? 


Thank a lot for your reply !


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You will at a minimum require a Software Update Point role somewhere in your infrastructure. Do you have it deployed? Of course your DP is necessary as well.

Hello @Nathan Blasac 


Yes i have a Software Update point role installed on my primary site. But it's not Working since i have move this server in other place and i have installed some Distribution Point. 


This Software Update point role are not include in Bundary group fo which i have a Distribution point. 


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Understood. You definitely want to verify you have a working SUP, and additionally have a working SUP and DP specified within a boundary group for that client.
OK thanks Nathan. Right now I don't have a Sup in Bundarie group only a DP. I will try it tomorrow and get back to you
Thanks Nathan, it's Working now.