Software Updates for our servers in Azure.

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Hi all, we are playing with different options to manage software updates for servers that would end in Azure. I am seeing a lot of post talking about clients but not that many about servers.

We are using CMEM OnPrem and now that we are talking into moving some servers to Azure we need to manage updates on them.

I wanted to know what would be my best options to achieve this with minimal cost:

  1. Popping a MP/DP/SUP server in Azure that would be assigned to AD Site and Services for our Azures subnet?
  2. Using a CDP to manage software updates. How will clients (my servers) will find that CDP. Is there any configuration to make?
  3. Using another option to manage updates?

All that being said, we are willing to control what we are deploying as updates. I am talking about the pace and maintenance window and the content we are deploying. Let's say that we want to deploy every two months (not the case but as an example).


Thank you for the tips.


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Hi Mat,

Different ways you manage updates in Azure VMs, in my opinion, update management is the best option you just need Log Analytics and Azure Automation Account. The article below should guide you on how to deploy, you can also use it with Azure ARC machines which means ypu can update machines on prem or different cloud providers.

Hope this helps!