Software Center Usage Reports

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Any option to know how many users installed the software's from Software Center in Month or Day?

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Do you mean you want to know how many user click installed vs mandatory install?
Exactly, we have made some of the software's available for users, so we would like to know how many users installed the software's from available list.

cashfrenzy @To access Software Center usage reports in Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, follow these steps: Open the Configuration Manager Console: Launch the Configuration Manager console on your server or administrative workstation. Navigate to Reporting: In the left-hand pane of the console, expand "Monitoring," then select "Reporting." Run a Software Center Usage Report: Under the "Reporting" node, expand "Software Distribution," and then click on "Software Center - Application Usage." Customize the Report: In the "Software Center - Application Usage" report, you can customize the report parameters, such as the time period, specific users, and specific applications. You can also adjust the report format and output options. Generate the Report: Click on "Run" to generate the Software Center usage report based on your specified parameters.

@krishna2320 without 3rd party addons to ConfigMgr you will have a hard time determine who install what from ConfigMgr vs bypassing it. 



Well.... if im thinking wrong please someone tell me but when you go in your application on the deployment tab, you see if your application is available you can see the number of success installation made by the people.



Thank you, will check and update.
This doesn't indicate from where it's installed right?
Not there no, but you can have a Querry and Report where you can see them!
Can you help me with the query if possible? thanks
FYI, Those numbers will not always be correct. e.g. if someone install and uninstall an app. the numbers will not be reflected. or is some re-installs an app, it will get counted twice.