Software Center Not Updating on certain devices

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I have a new build of MECM. I created 7 devices that have different OS's on them. They are in Active Directory and Discovery Found them. The agent is installed on all 7 with a green check box next to them in the console. They are all in a device collection, recognized by the Client Settings.
I modified the Software Center to resemble the colors of our company and logo. On some of the above devices, the new Software Center shows. On the others, it is the generic one that comes out of the box. Strange is that I built 2 Windows 10 machines, one x64 the ohter x86. The X64 has the new center where the x86 has the old. Server 2012 R2 and 2022 have the correct center but 2016 and 2019 do not.
How best to diagnose this to find out why some are working properly and other are not?

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Are the devices in question able to communicate with the MP and pull in the policies? Policyagent log is a good starting point.
The 2019 VM has errors where the Agent is looking at a different DP which is shouldn't, the second, 2016 as warnings such as Policy 'CCM_Policy_Policy5.PolicyID="{08B93202-3483-4AC1-9816-55E8DE1EC91}/17",PolicyVersion="1.00",PolicySource=SMS:TM1" not found in namespace '\\ROOT\ccm\policy\machine\requestedconfig'.
The last Win x86 has no errors.
Yes they are communicating to the MP.
If it is looking at the wrong dp. This will be caused by you boundaries being wrong. Are you only using up range boundaries?
My boundries are all set to IP Address. The devices have the correct IP Addresses.
For clarity are they ip ranges or IP subnets? This is important to know.

IP Ranges.  And it doesn't matter which boundery it's on, DP (there are 3 DP's) or what OS is installed.  It just seems random.

Are all three DPs within the same boundary group? For clarity the logo and colors will comes from the MP and not the dp.
No, there are 3 separate boundries each with the own MP/DP.
So lets get this strait, you are saying that you are using IP Ranges only with three different boundary group for MP/DP. And devices for a different boundary as download content from the wrong boundary group? and you have review the log files to confirm they are talking to the right boundary?
That is correct.
Again for clarity, you are seeing within the logs that the device is assigned to the wrong MP?
Which log file would that be?