Silly question about OS in place upgrade of site server

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This feels like a silly question with an obvious no answer but figured I'd ask it and see if other people have tried.

I've done OS in place upgrades of my DP/MP servers and the primary SUP server.  These have been done via task sequence for the in place upgrade without issues.

however I suspect I cannot use the task sequence to do the in place of the primary site server?  maybe if I had a HA setup with and active passive but I do not.
Primary Site only runs:

  • Component Server
  • Fallback status point
  • Site Server
  • Site System
  • SMS Provider

The DP/MP's host all the data but I suspect because they have to look back to the site server they would fail in half an hour during the task sequence build.


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Hi Joshua,
you are correct in suspecting that you cannot use a task sequence to perform an in-place upgrade of the primary site server in SCCM. The primary site server is a critical component, and performing an in-place upgrade via a task sequence is not supported.
According to the Microsoft, in-place upgrades of the primary site server should be performed by running the setup program from the SCCM installation media. This process involves running the setup program and selecting the option to upgrade the site. It's important to carefully review the prerequisites and follow the recommended upgrade process to ensure a successful upgrade.

Additionally, the Configuration Manager documentation from Microsoft emphasizes that task sequences for in-place upgrades are not for servers, particularly not for the primary site server.

Given the critical nature of the primary site server, it's essential to follow the supported upgrade paths and procedures outlined by Microsoft. Performing an in-place upgrade of the primary site server via a task sequence is not recommended and could lead to significant issues with your SCCM environment.