Signature issue when distributing package from Primary to Secondary SCCM 1810

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Hi Team, I am trying to distribute WIM image from primary to Secondary site, but resulting with below error in despooler log on secondary site.


cannot use public key 0602000000A40000525341310008000001000100ADAFCBA79FE651DAD0348D06D2F55A68E60DC6B8E5C4D6B60E03B7A5AF65ACCAEFE64A1C1E356A26ADB0D86CB012D8 to verify package signature from site R01 (Win32 error = 2148073478) SMS_DESPOOLER


Delete the instruction (d:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\\receive\ from site <siteCode>, the signature is bad. SMS_DESPOOLER

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