Servers don't automatically reboot when all updates aren't finished within single Maintenance Window

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Hi all,



I using MS ECM 2002. This is the situation:

I have a particular server with 2 maintenance windows: the first each day from 09h00 till 11h00 en the second each day from 14h00 till 16h00.


Yesterday I deployed 3 updates to the server via a Software Update Group. All 3 updates have a maximum runtime of 1 hour.

At the beginning of the maintenance window (09h this morning), 2 updates get installed and each one requires a restart.

In Software Center you can see those 2 updates with status Requires Restart. The 3rd update isn't listed, while it isn't installed.

When the PM maintenance windows starts at 14h, nothing happens: no updates get installed, no reboot takes place.


The weird thing is that the server isn't automatically restarted by ECM, while the updates have a Requires Restart status. But in the Task Bar there's no green restart icon for Software Center. Does anybody have an idea why this behaviour? And what can I do to get the server automatically restarted after installation of updates?


Here's the client settings for restart message times:

- Specify the amount of time after the dealine before a device gets restarted: 10 mins

- Specify the amount of time that a user is presented a final countdown before a device gets restarted: 5 mins

- Specify the frequency of reminder notifications presented to the user, after the deadline, before a device gets restarted: 240


I've set no deadline (so: as soon as possible) for the updates.


I'm able to reproduce the problem on a test server, so I can test whatever there. But we have several production servers which faces the issue, so each month the updates get installed, but the servers never get rebooted.


Any help appreciated! I've added some logs in a zip file as attachment.



Kind regards,


Jody Wostyn

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