SCCM Software Updates Timeout - Server 2012/2016/2019 Rollups and Cumulative Updates

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Just curious how many others are having issues with software update rollup timeouts even after updating to the latest CB version, and updating your max runtime values?  We've updated our to 90 minutes for 2012/2016/2019 rollups and CUs, and are still having a really high number of failures due to time outs.  Patches appear to be downloading, we're setting them for availability at least 24 hours in advance and even installing the Servicing Stacks 24+ hours ahead of the actual patch date.  We're also monitoring for systems pending a reboot, and performing those in advance - yet we're still getting a really high failure rate. 


We have a maintenance window of about 10 hours for our non-production, and approximately 5 hours for our production systems.  The patches are downloading, clients are at the current client level and we're still getting failures due to not enough time to install updates.  Any suggestions or anyone found a working solution?  We're engaging MS to get an engineer assigned to evaluate our configuration, but we've also done this about three times already.  They just say "You need more time" - so.... like an extra hour, an extra day, an extra week?  How big of a maintenance window are others using for their Server maintenance windows?  We have a completely separate infrastructure for workstations, so this is purely dedicated to our Server evironment with dedicated DPs at each of our datacenters.

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@TroyT1975 You mentioned that update content is downloaded successfully, so I'm assuming that you don't have any issues scanning for updates or downloading the associated content. You also mentioned you're installing the SSU's first. Do those install without issues? Where exactly do the timeouts installing the LCU's occur? If in the WUAHandler, have you checked WindowsUpdate.log files as well?