SCCM servers OS upgrade

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Currently running SCCM CB 1802 on 1 Primary and 2 Secondary servers and 75 DPs. All running on 2012 R2.

Need to upgrade the Primary and 2 Secondary server OS to 2016.

Which is the best method either Inplace or Side by side?

If inplace , what are the risk and how to mitigate the issues?

Any document for inplace?

If side by side, how to migrate the existing SCCM CB 1802 to another server with new OS 2016.

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In-Place upgrade is the best option to migrate.

any issues after the upgd?
is it a smooth upgrade from 2012R2 to 2016?
any doc?

I think WSUS role need to be uninstalled before the upgrade..

I would do a side-by-side migration by adding new 2016 servers into your current SCCM infrastructure and then moving the roles over.


This docs page should help:

I suggest a side-by-side upgrade. Basically, you install a new server and a new sccm implementation and configure the source hierarchy.

Check this link: