SCCM Collection evaluation for Include Collections and Incremental Updates

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Running on CB and wonder about the following scenario based of my knowledge so far, of how Incremental Updates work.



On the blow scenario, we are using best practise so a chain of Collections are all set for Incremental Updates in order for the functionality to be effective. Documentation says, that if you have a collection set for Incremental Updates, all Limiting collection train up to the Root must also be set for Incremental Updates.

RootCol (incremental) < SubCol (Incremental) > SubSubCol (Incremental)



How do Include Collections work with regards to Incremental Updates?

I believe I correctly understand that a collection that is derived from Include Collections does not support Incremental Updates.



Let's suppose we have the initial example.


RootCol (incremental) < SubCol (Incremental) > SubSubCol (Incremental)


And then a Collection named IncludeCol which only has a rule to Include SubSubCol and nothing else (select *). Let's suppose the train above is updated with a new resource after an Incremental Update and SubSubCol has the new member in.


Will the IncludeCol have it immediately as well, thus, is the Inclusion some kind of pointer to the Included Collection or not because it copies the members from the SubSubCol on its configured intervals? Will ticking the box for Use Incremental Updates on IncludeCol help?


Thank you!


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If IncludeCol only has an include membership rule on it, it should update immediately. If you mix and match includes/query rules it needs to have incremental/scheduled membership updates run before the changes are reflected.
Thanks Scott, I did test this out (a single Include rule) and it didn't update until I also enabled Incremental Updates for this collection.

Hope this helps someone,