SCCM CB - Windows 10 Upgrade from Windows 7 Operating System

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Dear Experts,


Thank You all for being great support to me!!


Currently, I am running SCCM 2012 SP2 in my Environment (With Windows 7 OS) and Very soon we are on boarding SCCM CB V1710 for Windows 10 Operating System Management


We are Planning to have Windows 10 OS with Version 1709


To get Started,  I have followed the Upgrade readiness article, and install the required KB's and Configured the OMS (Azure)


At Present, Waiting to get the response for the submitted data with OMS


The End Points are running with Windows 7 and Machine is running without any interruptions. Any idea how much of time would take to see the DATA in OMS Console.


At present this is done 80 Hours ago (during the time of post). The Script completed successfully, and do not find any error/warnings


Please suggest, if any required actions on this. Any advice from you all is very helpful pls.


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Dear All,


I have regenerated the Telemetry ID (Commercial ID) and ran the script again.

The Script Completed successfully

Will share the details based on the outcome.


If any one get idea about this, Please do advice!!