required deployment to install during maintenance window prior to deadline

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Hi,  Currently we have a two deployment system for installing application updates on our end user devices which we have used for a long time. 

  1.  required deployment, that goes during maintenance window.  This deployment is our main update and normally gets around 70-75% of devices.  (targeted collection is query based and removes updated devices as they get the software install via regular collection update schedule.  ). this one is set to expire before deployment two deadline. 
  2. Then for all remaining devices that aren't contactable during the maintenance window, we'll have a secondary deployment that is made available at the same time as the first deployment but has a deadline of a few days in the future and is configured to run outside maintenance window time frames.  


This way we get the majority of the machines with the first deployment and the remainder either the users do it when they see the prompts during the second deployment timeframe or it just happens when the deadline hits.

I'm thinking this is probably something I need to put on uservoice because I can't see it as an option.  Before I do that, I thought I should check I haven't missed something.  Is it possible to have a single deployment with the following config. 

  • start today, if machine contactable during maintenance window, do the update.  Outside the  maintenance window, just do the usual prompts that an update is available and allow user to install outside maintenance window.  
  • deadline in 3 days, if the software update hasn't happened by then, then allow the install to happen outside the maintenance window.


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