Report Viewer Role - "Software Product" Which RBAC entry grants access

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There are several documents out there about creating a Security role which allows me to grant access to the reporting console for a group of staff rather than granting them read access to the whole console.  I have followed those and it mostly works, but I'm stuck on "Software"  Any drop down that uses this doesn't work.  "Software Product", " Product Name" or "Software Vendor Name" (doesn't work=either I get zero options or "ALL")

I have tested with my admin account and I see a full list to choose from for all reports.  I just can't identify which Security Role permission grants access to the "Software" area.  

I have

Software Titles - View Asset Intelligence enabled.  

Inventory Reports - Read and run report enabled


example reports for this

Software 02D - Computers with specific software installed - "Software Product"

All inventoried files for a specific product - "Software Product"

Computers with a specific product - " Product Name"

All inventoried products for a specific software company - "Software Vendor Name"



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