Regional Settings reverting to English United States


Hi All


I am getting weird issue in my environment during OSD. I am having MDT integration with SCCM and using UDI wizard to get input for Keyboard Layout,UserLocale, TimeZone and Time Currency Format during imaging phase.


Everything was working fine as is 10 days ago. Now what I notice is during OS imaging KeyBoard Layout is correct which is being selected during UDI (For instance lets say Danish KeyBoard Layout). As soon as OS imaging is completed whenever any domain user signs in, Keyboard Layout, Location and user locale is reverted to English (United States).


My environment is having SCCM 2010 with ADK 2004 currently. I have tested behaviour with Windows 10 1803 and 1909, its all same behaviour.


Any suggestions or inputs what can be wrong here. I am actually running out of troubleshooting steps to catch hold of this issue.


Thanks in advance.



Anand Prasad

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@AnandPrasad Did you check setupact.log for a message similar to 

Target language en-US is not compatible with the host language

Also, I recommend you regenerate the task sequence, to fit the version of Windows you are targeting to install.