Reboot notifications for software updates

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Has anyone determined a way to show a dialogue box instead of toast notification for software update deployments?  I was hopeful SCCM 1902 was bringing this capability but it didn't apply to software updates.  Reading through documentation before we take our 1906 update it sounds like enhancements were made but it doesn't specifically state whether software update deployments gained this feature.  I've experimented with client settings (computer restart dialogue box enabled) but still haven't been to give my users a dialogue box with countdown that they can snooze. 

Hoping there is a method that can help me out!


1906 restart notifications 

computer restart client settings

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@LS593872 this doesn't work for you for software updates on 1902 plus the hotfix rollup? 


I'm just on base 1902. After some more discussion I'm going to take the 1906 update which should have the fixes that came in the update rollup + 1906 enhancements.

Sounds good @LS593872.