Query related to SCCM/MSEM Supported/Possible Deployment Architecture

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Haven't come across any Microsoft doc that relates to the following SCCM/MSEM deployment scenario and queries. Thus hoping that this forum would share its experience.


In a single Win2016 AD Forest Root Domain with Domain Controllers in two Datacentres /AD Sites geographical dispersed & a total of 200000+ windows 10 clients as members of the domain in hundreds of IP Subnets, we are seeking answers to the following with respect to SCCM/MSEM deployment architecture.

  1. With a SCCM deployment Architecture of CAS with two Primary Sites, can the Primary sites continue to work and be administered even if CAS is down?

  2. Can we have two Standalone SCCM Primary Sites in a Single AD Domain?

  3. Can we have two Standalone SCCM Primary Sites plus a CAS in a Single AD Domain ?
  4. Can two SCCM Primary site connect with single InTune tenant for co-management?
  5. Can SCCM/MSEM Active & Passive Primary Site servers be located in different geographically dispersed Datacentres? 

  6. Can we have a DR Site Failover kind deployment architecture for SCCM HA.?
  7. Can we place multiple instances of SCCM/MSEM Site system roles such as MP, DP, SUP, SMP, SMS Provider etc in different geographically dispersed Datacentres to achieve SCCM site system role redundancy?

  8. Is a SQL AOAG stretched cluster across two geographically dispersed Datacenter supported with SCCM Primary Site with SCCM Primary Active Site server located in Datacenter1 & Primary Passive Site Server located in Datacenter2? 

  9. Can WSUS Database for SCCM SUP role be hosted on SQL AOAG?

  10. Can Reporting Service Database be hosted on SQL AOAG? 

  11. Can we use single multiserver SQL AOAG stretched cluster shared as common backend for SCCM CAS, Primary Site1 & Primary Site2?

  12. Can Content Library be placed on a Clustered File server that spans across two Datacentres and required SCCM site Server or Site System roles server having access to it?


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With such a large environment, I would hire a consultant that has experience. I would not take the word of anyone with the forums as their are far too many variables to take into account.
Hi Garth,

Your advice taken, but as an SCCM pro would you even not be able to have an educated guess based on your experience as to what could possible work ?


As a SCCM Pro, I wouldn't even guess at many of these questions without preforming a full review of your environment.
Hi Garth,

If you carefully read my queries, you will realize that all these are standalone queries.
Answer to most of them would be either "Yes" or "No".
Simply pure fundamentals. :):)


I did read you questions and many of them are not a simple Yes No answers. For example, How can you truly answer #5 without know the network details?

Others like 1,2,and 3 are "yes"