Not Yet Installed devices - Config Manager

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Hi community,

This is going to be a really simple question, but I need some help interpreting certain components of a report generated through Config Manager, related to the status of Endpoint Protection.


When I generate the Antimalware overall status and history report, it shows me devices that are Not Yet Installed. Attached is an example of this. What exactly does this mean?


I know it sounds like a pretty straight forward question, but does Config Manager look only for Windows Defender installations in terms of anti-malware and not recognize anything else? I know some of the systems in this environment has McAfee installed.


Will Config Manager pick these up as being Not Yet Installed as well?


Thanks in advance.

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Update: So drilling into the report, the status is shown as "Not Managed". Does this mean these devices are not managed by Config Manager, or does it refer to only the Endpoint Protection portion? I don't have access to the console to verify this.