No Office 365 / M365 updates so far in 2021

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The last O365 update our SCCM/ConfigMgr/EndpointMgr has seen was from last year, 2020.  We are using Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel; and the ADR we have is not even seeing the latest updates.  If I set my ADR to look back 2 months, and click Preview I only get results from 2020.  But if I open up the WSUS console that our ConfigMgr uses I can see newer updates.


We were on 2006 with one of the hot fixes (which fixed a similar problem) and so I upgraded to 2010 with the latest hotfix, but that has not resolved this problem.


I have made very loose ADR rules to see if my search criteria is too specific, including using the default Office 365 client ADR template set to 'last 2 months' and I cannot find any Office 365 Client product updates with my ADR for anything released this year (2021).  Even if make my criteria simply "date released or revised= Last 1 month" and "Product = Office 365 Client" and click Preview I get 0 results - 0 updates.  If I make it "last 2 months" I get only updates from December 1, 2020.  


Our WSUS is installed on the same server, which is Windows 2012R2, with current patches.


Has anyone else seen this or have any tips on what else to try?

Thank you

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@BruceSp Hi, this is not part of what I'm working with but I believe these articles can assist you here. At least I know my org. had to adjust some settings.


Changes to update channels for Microsoft 365 Apps - Deploy Office | Microsoft Docs


New Microsoft 365 apps update channel names, new IT Pro guidance and a new channel! - Microsoft Tech...





@ChristianBergstrom Thank you but I do not think that is it.  We were already using the new channel name, 'Semi-Annual Enterprise channel'.  We actually just adopted O365 this fall - a bit behind the curve.  The changes you linked to were earlier in the year.  

@BruceSp Ah, OK. Worth a shot as we had to change some ADR settings. Perhaps you need to open up a support ticket with Microsoft!

I just wanted to add one more thing.  I have found that I cannot even create a new install with a current version.  The install customizer screen that comes up in SCCM when I try to create a new O365 install only shows me version numbers from 2020 and earlier (max is 2002 12527.21416).  I find that even stranger because wouldn't that wizard be talking to the web somehow to pull these versions?  I assume that list must be pulling the numbers dynamically.


I have also tried to sign in to to try and see if that can help - honestly I do not think I have done that before - and after signing in with my unprivileged account I can run the customizer, and the max version is 2002 12527.21416, and one above that says 'latest'.  But in ConfigMgr/EndpointMgr I only see "2002 12527.21416" - there is no 'latest' option.  


fyi, if I sign in with my admin account, that config office website just sits there with a 'loading...' spinner.

@BruceSp if the updates show in the WSUS console, but not in the ConfigMgr console, that might be an indication that the synchronization of update metadata from WSUS to ConfigMgr is failing. Are there any errors in the SMS_WSUS_SYNCHRONIZATION_MANAGER site component and/or the wsyncmgr.log file?

@Michiel Overweel sorry for the delay.  I just checked and no there isn't.  


I am waiting for the next update which I expect to be next week, and if it doesn't come down then I will have to engage MS support or try something else.  

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This is an old post, but it did not have a resolution until now.  My C:\Windows\Temp folder had over 65k files in it, (too full I guess) and this ADR started to work after I cleared it all out.  I discovered this by accident on reddit. 


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