New way to give feedback/bugs to the Configuration Manager product team


We are happy to announce that if you want to give feedback about issues/bugs with System Center Configuration Manager, you can now file them using Windows Feedback hub, an app built-in to all Windows 10 systems.


Here's how to file ConfigMgr bugs using Feedback Hub

1. On your start menu, find Feedback Hub


2. Click the feedback icon on the left, and then click +Add new feedback

Windows Feedback Hub.png

3. For the category, select Enterprise Management, and for the subcategory, pick the best match for your issue. feedbackhubcategories.jpg

4. Fill out the rest and submit.


If you want to give product suggestions, those are still best filed at so everyone can help prioritize requests by voting. 


If you were used to filing bugs on, that site has been deprecated. Unfortunately, due to the systems we use, we were not able to preserve the customer-side experience you had in Connect and replicate that in any other tool. Please be assured that your bugs still exists in our bug database, even though you no longer have visibility to their status. When you file new bugs in Feedback Hub, the product team has the option to provide comments and status updates, but may not reply to every feedback item. 

2 Replies

Hi Cathy, what if you are still using an older version of Window. Where can I submit a bug without using the Windows Feedback Hub

It is only on Windows 10, so you have to find some Windows 10 machine, somewhere. Of course anything that pulls logs or sysinfo from a machine won't help if you're using a different machine to file the bug, and that's OK. But yeah, even a Win10 trial VM would work.