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Need advice on SCCM Architecture

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Hello Team,

I have seen that after SCCM client is installed in a secondary site location, the initial communication is done with the Primary site management point for the client to be managed. If i have limited connectivity (only server can communicate across sites) from the sccm client to the primary site MP, is there a way around for the sccm client to get managed?


e.g. Will having a primary site MP (passive) located in the remote site (where the sccm client is installed) handle the initial communication for the client management?


Thank you in advanced.

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All clients must be able to communicate with your Primary site MP.
Hello Garth,
Thank you for the response. I understand that communication is necessary. However, if I setup a passive Primary site MP in the same subnet as the client. Will that allow the client to do the initial communication to this MP instead of the active one ?
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No it will need to talk the the active MP.
Okay. Thank you Garth. I got what i needed.