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I want to configure defender on my customer's machines.
but when I open the Settings page, I don't have the Microsoft 365 Defender option or the Endpoints option. Only the Security center option appears.
I guess I have to enable an option but I can't find which one.
I am a Global Administrator and users have Business Premium licenses.


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Hi Nicolas,

Are we talking about Defender Admin Console or EndPoint Admin Console login as Admin?

If yes, use the two urls below and see if you get them opened.



Thanks for your answer ;)

I'm talking about the security console.

Go to the Microsoft 365 Defender portal (, and log in.

In the navigation pane, choose Settings > Endpoints, then under Device Management, choose Onboarding.

If I click on I only have one option (Security Center) on the Settings tab.
For all my other clients, I always have 4 options in this tab (Security Center, Microsoft 365 Defender, Endpoints and Device Discovery)


I think you are missing MDE Plan 2. Here is a good a guide about Defender licenses.


My client has a simple Business Premium license.
To my knowledge, this is enough to install Defender.
It is not necessary I believe to contract P2 licenses

I have created a ticket on Microsoft support without success.

I think that the problem is probably here :


"servicePlanId": "882e1d05-acd1-4ccb-8708-6ee03664b117",
"servicePlanName": "INTUNE_O365",
"provisioningStatus": "PendingActivation",
"appliesTo": "Company"

"servicePlans": [
"servicePlanId": "bfc1bbd9-981b-4f71-9b82-17c35fd0e2a4",
"servicePlanName": "MDE_SMB",
"provisioningStatus": "PendingProvisioning",
"appliesTo": "User"