MECM Software Update Groups with an SSU. When should we expect the SSU to always deploy first?

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We run a couple of MECM 2002 sites and have routinely been deploying SSU's ahead of the normal maintenance windows for our 10k plus server fleet since we seldom knew if an SSU would be required for co-released security updates.  

The documentation for MECM makes it sound like MS made a change that would detect an SSU in a SUG and deploy the SSU first followed by the other updates in a SUG.  During the march 2021 patch cycle Server 2019 had an SSU so we decided this month to not deploy the SSU ahead of the change window to test.   We found in every case we examined closely that the March CU for 2019 actually installed first followed by the SSU.   

Has this feature not been enabled yet by MS or is there an issue with both of our MECM 2002 sites?

Thank you.


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