MaintenanceCoordinator Orchestration Lock is required

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I have been getting this since installing the update that converted Server Groups to Orchestration Groups. I have removed all "converted" Server Groups and now have no Orchestration Groups. I have uninstalled and deleted the devices from ConfigMgr. Discovered and Re-installed the client but the clients all still never install "required" updates. The will just say "waiting to install"

In the MaintencanceCoordinator.log file it will say ...

Task did not pass service window check


Orchestration lock is required


RequestSent: 00000001

Start Timer: 60

Basic Timer is already queued


It will just keep repeating that over and over.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Hi Dave
I have the same issue. The members are moved from the Orchestration Group but
the lock is still required......
I have not been able to find a solution yet. There must be some registry key or something in WMI that is still remembering the machine being part of the old "Server Groups". Until I can figure out a solution I can only deploy updates as available. No required updates, even updates marked as allowed to install outside a maintenance window will install. They stay in a "waiting to install" status.
Any progress with this? I am having the same problem. Running MECM 2010, machines still saying "lock is required" even though the Orchestration Group has long been deleted, and clients have been uninstalled, deleted, reinstalled.

Have look at the properties of the Orchestration Group. Make sure the "Orchestration Group Member timeout" covers the sum of the maximum runtimes of all updates. It's similar to maintenance windows, it won't start installing unless there's enough time to do all updates.

I opened a case with MS support. Orchestration groups created prior to MECM 2010 can exhibit this issue. New Orchestration groups created in 2010 and later should no longer have this issue. If you use WMI explorer and check the namespace root\ccm\policy\machine\ and class CCM_PrePostActions you will see the pre and post scripts there from when it was a member of the Orchestration Group. You need to delete the instances. Haven't had any updates that I've needed to install yet, but I'm hopeful.



Thanks I will give that a try. I think I already tried clearing WMI namespace but I can't remember for sure.