Is there a list of what the client uses Local Group Policy for?

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For security hardening, we are required to enable this group policy - "Turn off Local Group Policy objects processing" (under "Group Policy processing")


My understanding is that the MECM client adds entries to Local Group Policy and I was wondering if the entries created are documented anywhere.  I am assuming that any settings written here won't be processed with that policy enabled.  


For example, this page talks about BITS settings written to local policy.


and this one talks about WSUS settings written to local GP.

I figure if I can get a list, then I can add GP settings or GPP's to add the settings via a domain based policy instead.  

even if you don't know of a list but know of individual settings, please let me know so I can add as many as possible.  

Edit: - I did find the currently configured settings by running gpedit.msc so I can at least configure what we have in place currently but it would be nice to know what else might be set if we change any client config.  




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