Intune device name changes to deviceID

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Piloting co-management of on prem Configuration Manager and Intune. What I am seeing on fresh builds:

  1. OSD Completes.
  2. Device appears in CM.
  3. Device appears in Azure AD(AAD) as Hybrid Joined.
  4. Device gets added to pilot collection.
  5. Device appears in Intune with correct name, BCD12345, shows as managed by 'ConfigMgr'. 
  6. Short time later, device name changes to Management name/DeviceID, 53xxxxxxxx-yyyyyy-zzzzz-be43-7de7feb86c95_Windows_10/31/2022_5:24 PM. Shows as 'Co-Managed', but, its state is unknown, no Intune workloads.

Not all devices are doing this it appears freshly imaged devices that are new to on prem configuration manager. I can drag existing devices into pilot collection and name does not change, devices are correctly co-managed.


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