Install update while app is set to run automatically on start up

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I have an app that keeps running in the background even when the application is closed.
It is also set to run automatically on start up.

During deployment the installation can fail because the app is already running. When it restarts then it is set to auto start.

How do SCCM & Intune handle this scenario.

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This is an app behavior and not ConfigMgr or Intune for that matter. 'During deployment the installation can fail...' - What are you trying to install? If it requires the app process to be terminated before installation of whatever you are pushing, then you should be able to script this.

@rahuljindal-MVP The application is Power Automate Desktop. I have 2 scenarios 

1- A application process is running automations on VDI under a service account. This is the production environment. Users do not have access to these accounts.

2- On user machines the user might be making some changes if we try to force an application closure.


Can we keep the package downloaded and update it when the user restarts his system and before the auto start is triggered.

Is this an AVD? If yes, then the correct way to add an application is by updating the gold image.

No. These are not AVDs but personal laptops and citrix VDIs.

Personal laptops? Your scenario demands a better grasp of what kind of an environment you have. A case with MS will be better option for you in my opinion.
Sorry for the confusion. I meant to I meant physical machines to emphasize the fact that the machines are not just the the VMs but also physical ones. We are not using Azure Virtual Desktop (AVDs)