Impact of Basic & Standard A-series VM retirement on CMG

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Hi all,

Our org is using CMG with SCCM and recently received email and observed alert in Azure about the deprecation of some VMs. The email references that Basic and Standard A-series VMs will be retired on August 31 2024. The advisor recommendation in Azure notes for our CMG scale set:


  • Image Publisher - microsoftwindowsserver
  • Image Offer - windowsserver
  • Image SKU - 2022-datacenter
  • Image Version - 20348.1487.230106
  • Image Deprecation Status - ScheduledForDeprecation
  • Image Deprecation Date - 2024-05-14T00:00:00.0000000Z
  • Recommended Alternative - No alternative option provided by Publisher. Please test and use some other suitable alternative from Marketplace.

Is there any guidance from the team about how to move forward?



Jason M.


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Same issue here. Following.