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Jul 21 2022, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)

How does Microsoft use ConfigMgr and Intune?


Hello ConfigMgr community.  For those of you paying attention you may notice a new blog here, "Device Management in Microsoft".  We have decided to move our blog over and share with this community not  WHAT ConfigMgr is shipping, or not necessarily HOW some new feature works, but to provide some insight how we use a new feature of functionality to get the job done here within Microsoft, using the knowledge gained in discussion with the developers, and also taking into account the needs of the larger IT organization here.
Often times we hear customers ask "How does Microsoft do this."  This blog is our way of sharing answers to those questions so all can hear and debate them.  So..., lets hear those questions.  What kind of blog postings would you find interesting?  Do you want to know how we did something, or why we did what we did in the way we did?  Maybe you can provide a better idea to us and we can share that good through with all ConfigMgr admins.

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Welcome @MikeGriz and the Microsoft ConfigMgr and Intune administration team.  Everyone, check out their blog Device Management in Microsoft and let them know what you'd like to hear about.