How do I increase the 2000 limit in the query builder?

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I am trying to create a query rule to include computers with a particular executable filename (Software Files.File Name) and get a warning about the information list being truncated to 2000 items.


At time of typing I have not been successful trying to find out how to increase this limit.


Any help would be extremely we

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What does you query look like?

@Garth Jones 


Hi Garth,


Thank you very much for your response.


I'm not convinced I explained my issue very well.  I haven't got as far as completing the query, it's in the Criterion Properties I am seeing the 2000 limit I want to extend.


Please see the screenshot attached.


Criterion Properties.png


I've used a configuration baseline to get the information (where a particular path is found on a computer) so I have the information I need, but I was hoping to get the computers with said path into a device collection.  It's not essential, but it's also not the first time I've seen this limit and I'd like to increase it for other tasks in the future.


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No. you can't increase that limit.

@Garth Jones 

Not a very useful dialog box! :unamused:


Thank you for the help though, at least I won't waste any further time looking for a way to increase the limit.