Getting Repair option for packages in Software Center

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I am experiencing strange behavior with Software center. In packages, we don't have repair option but I am getting repair option for packages in software center. For the same package, it is showing repair option on some machines and on some machines I can see normal behavior. I can say it as random behavior. I deployed packages in Available purpose. Also for applications we do get repair option for install action but I am getting repair option for uninstall action as well. I deployed applications in required purpose having dead line. For applications also it is a random behavior. Could some one help me to know the reason behind it or troubleshoot the issue ?

Thanks in Advance

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What version of Configuration Manager are you on?
Hello Nathan,
I am on 2010
Sounds like you are getting the repair action available in packages and applications? I checked in my 2103 lab environment and I see it for applications but no dice for packages. If you check execmgr.log it's likely just running the install command over again.