Failed to make volume C:\ bootable. Code 0x80004001.

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Hello, I have been trying to install OS in a Hyper-V VM which stops in apply operating system step. I'm able to see the HDD and format partition through Diskpart. It's been many days since i stuck with this one.


Attaching the smsts.log for more info.

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@ranjithckm7 Are you sure all four partitions (EFI, MSR, Windows and Recovery) are created and formatted successfully in the "Partition Disk 0 - UEFI" step? Are you sure the option "Make this the boot disk" in that step is enabled?

Hi Michiel,
I haven't checked if it's formatted successfully but i can confirm the boot disk option is checked. And from the smsts i was able to understand that, the error was thrown while trying to make the partition active. Eventually i was able to diskpart and format through command prompt.

@ranjithckm7 Yes, the error occurred while trying to make a partition active, but this could be the result of that partition not having been created (correctly) in the first place. I'd delete the "Format and partition" step and re-create it (or copy it from a working TS).

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Hi @Michiel Overweel , The issue has been resolved by using Gen 2 Drive instead of Gen 1. So the issue was due to Gen 1 Drive of Hyper-V VM. Thanks for your help in this case. :)