Failed to get update (Site_xxxxxx) Article Id, error = 0x87d00215

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Hi everyone,
Can someone help me troubleshooting this issue I have on some computers?
The computers are receiving updates, downloading them in the ccmcache directory but they are stuck on Waiting to install....
I've made sure there's no maintenance window applied to them.

The only error I found that could be related to this behavior is in the UpdatesDeployment.log :
Failed to get update (Site_AFC258FD-A9C1-4A41-88AF-C333757158AE/SUM_41ea1598-bcd2-45b8-990c-e1b92984c0c3) Article Id, error = 0x87d00215
These computers are running AOVPN in a boundary that's configured like every other boundary.
When it comes back in the office, the computer's behavior doesn't change.
I've been searching for a few days now and I'm obviously missing a detail but I cannot see it.
Thanks for your help.
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As I said in the post, DP / Boundaries / Packages are all OK.
The computer downloads the required updates...
It's not a DP problem at all.
See you
I still need help with this problem.

In IIS, verify if your wsuspool is running




rename C:\Windows\SMSCFG.INI > C:\Windows\SMSCFG.INI.BAK
restart CCMEXEC Service


...this helped in some situations.


Regards, G.