failed to get dp locations as the expected version from mp error 0x87d00215

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I have this error in the SCCM 2016 client Please help!

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Your boundaries are likely wrong. Check to make sure that they are correct.


Alos there is no product called SCCM 2016. You must have CMCB (1710 or 1702 or 1706 or etc.)

Well I think you should check if subnet is associate with any boundary group and it has a DP associated with it, does your client have a certificate ? Because I didn't see that in logs.
I have installed it according to the documentation ... I do not get any extra configuration ... I just put detect computers in the domain ... place a domain administrator account.

How can I associate a DP and how can I make a limit?

I do not have a certified client in HTTP

it was installed without any problem in a windows server client 2016 ...

it does not install in a windows 7, windows 8 clinic.

Can you assign the windows version? or can it be configured?