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The MEM eval lab kit recently got updated with a new expiration of May 2, 2021.  However I had downloaded it at the beginning of February and its expiration date then was *really* close at Feb 7, 2021.  I have a few questions about its expiration.


First, what exactly happens when it expires?  It's now a few days past the previous Feb 7th expiration date and it still 'appears' to be working.  How long do I have?  What breaks and when?


Depending on the answers above, is there any migration/upgrade path to a newer lab kit from an older one?  Or anything salvageable from an older lab kit... like the client VMs?


Is it possible I can rename all the older lab kit VMs within Hyper-V, install the new lab kit, and jump back and forth between the different lab kit versions?




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1) Evaluation version is valid for 180 days.

2) Ideally after expiration ConfigMgr features are not supposed to work and it is against Microsoft policy to use it in production environment to support your endpoints.

2) Before the expiration period you have to enter the ConfigMgr license inside ConfigMgr console.

Thanks @Pa_D.  Where are you seeing the 180 day lifespan for the eval kit @ https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/evaluate-mem-evaluation-lab-kit?  I see 180/90/30 days for the other products on that page, but it's not noted for the eval kit.

Thanks @Pa_D. Do you know why 180 days isn't listed on that downloads page for the lab kit like it has for the other downloads?
That one is a lab environment, which provisions all the VM and can be used for just practice with its own domain and test PCs. This is not for pilot or production environment.