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Hello All,

I hope someone can help me as I have went through the whole process of setting up a new site, SQL, WSUS, everything.  The migration assistant even works and finds the old site.  What I don't get is how my clients will point to the new site instead of the old site. 


I have tried doing it via Discovery which works.  The old site still shows the green checkbox on each client.  I tried uninstalling it manually on one client (which creates a grey x on the client on the old Server), installing the client from the new server does not work.


How do I tell all of our clients to stop looking at the old site and use the new one.   The migration works and moved the collections and devices just fine but I can retire the old server obviously because the clients are still there and green checked.  They are blank in the new site.


Any help would be appreciated since Microsoft doesnt have a phone number for support for this product that I can find.


Old server is 2012R2 with a different site code

New server is a 2019 server with a new site code.


Thanks all!

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How were you installing client agent on devices before?
The old site discovers the PC through the boundaries and installs the client automatically. If that fails I usually install the client in the Endpoint Configuration console under devices. The old site is still up and it installs the client to each PC. Do I need to shut down the old server running the old site? Right now both sites are up. All the PCs are reporting to the old site and not the new one. I dont understand how that is done.
Is name of the new site server different than the previous one? If yes, then did you update the object in management container in AD?
Yes the old site and server are different names. I did not update the container in AD > System >System Management. There is an entry already for the new site and server. The old Site and server are there as well. Should I delete the old one?
Yes, and then you should publish the site data from the new ConfigMgr site. However, I will suggest to test the manual installation first. Configure the boundary in the new site and use the new site values in the command line to install the client. See if this works or not. You will need to uninstall the agent first.
I tried the fix and also found a permissions issue. Applied both fixes and the clients are now working with green checks. Thanks so much for the help. A lot of times, issues in forums go unanswered so I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

Take care.