Easy way to upgrade machines

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Hi all - we have thousands of systems which is in the process of upgrade and our SCCM Admins are using software center to push these updates. SCCM DP is hosted on corporate network but since users are working from home the updates are going via WAN and failing apart and update process is not successful.


If there is any more easier way to update windows from 1809 to 1909 like usb, iso, copy the task sequence file etc ? any sort of easier way to upgrade these machines for remote users.

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@alitaqvi You could deploy a CMG and host the content there, or use Windows servicing (essentially, deploying the feature update just like any other software update) and allow your clients to download the content from the Microsoft Update cloud service.

The Windows feature upgrade is an approach I had attempted to complete and had been fairly successful for remote computers. However, the challenge is after selecting to download the upgrade content for the deployment in the CM infrastructure, we cannot select Microsoft Update as the source for a remote computer use case simultaneously.
Essentially, I was trying to complete two use cases:
1 - VPN - a remote computer would go to Microsoft Update to download the specified OS Upgrade.
2 - non-VPN - a non-remote computer would go to a DP to download the same OS Upgrade.

One option is to complete remote upgrades first and follow-up with non-remote upgrades in sequence. Not the most sophisticated approach.

I would recommend the product group consider allowing having either selections to occur simultaneously within the deployment wizard. Unless I’m missing something because when I run through it, there’s no other choice after the OS feature upgrade is a downloaded deployment.

@pghealey You should be able to achieve this by creating a VPN boundary group and configure that to prefer cloud-based sources over on-premise sources. This would cause VPN clients to prefer Microsoft Update over an on-premise distribution point. The fact that you're downloading update content and distributing that to your distribution points doesn't mean all clients have to get it from there. See Boundary groups: Prefer cloud based sources over on-premise sources and Managing Patch Tuesday with Configuration Manager in a remote work world for details.