DOINC / Connected Cache Proxy Issue

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I'm evaluating MCC for our environment.

The Problem is that MCC uses our Proxy but sends the wrong URI in the GET Request.

It omits the whole Host Part. In the Host Header it is set correctly.

I have a Screenshot of the Wireshark Packets from MCC (left) and Internet Explorer (right) which both request the URI


As you can see themarcohald_3-1625469038913.png from MCC does not contain the Protocol or the Hostname of the Server.

The Request from Internet Explorer does contain it




The Response from the Proxy Server to the MCC Request looks like that


The Version of the DoinInstall.exe is


I have found the thread from @Heine Jeppesen but this was more a general Problem, that at the time he tested it, the MCC had no Proxy Support.


Regards Marco


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