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I'm trying to get Connected Cache (DOINC) to work on our 1906 environment, but the installation of the service will not finish according to distmgr.log.

As far as I can tell from DoincSetup.log, it stops at requesting the test GIF file from the internet.

("requesting content from the delivery imitation in-network cache (DOINC) instance.")


This environment requires the use of a proxy server, for accessing the internet.

It does not require authentication, just that the traffic goes through the proxy.


I have tried adding (and verifying) the proxy in IE in System context using Psexec.exe -i -s, but no change.

I have tried adding the proxy in web.config (defaultProxy) on the CacheNodeService (and Default website) website in IE, but this doesn't seem to help. Also the information is removed again, every time DOINC setup runs again, so it seems like a loop at the moment.


How can I specify a web proxy for DOINC to use?



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@Heine Jeppesen 

Please refer to the following URL for SCCM site system server proxy settings.


Thanks, we already have that configured, as everything needs to go through the proxy.
But DOINC/Connected Cache isn't an SCCM role/services, so it doesn't seem use the information.

@Heine Jeppesen 

We have the same problem and opened a ticket with MS. The answer is that DOINC isn´t working through a proxy at all. Sounds a little strange to me because a proxy isn´t so unusual..... ???

@Axel Laudan Did you get any workaround to have MCC work in your infra ?

@Shibaruraya not so far.... we‘re still waiting. MS has it on further Investigation.

@Axel Laudan @Shibaruraya 


Actually a friend (thanks Phil!) reached out to the product group came back with a fairly simple workaround, until they get it fixed.


In IIS manager, expand the Server Farms and expand each of the list farms.

Under "Servers" use the "Add Server" function and add your proxy server and take the original server offline.


It's a bit tricky to get it installed, as the installation itself assumes it can perform a selfcheck during installation.

Watch the log file (SMS_DP$\Ms.Dsp.Do.Inc.Setup\DoincSetup.log) and IIS manager and once the Server Farm is created, do the Add Server/Take offline switch there.

Do the same for the Server Farm.


Once that was done, installation selfcheck worked and the service got installed.

And everything seems to be working now, through the proxy without any changes to the proxy config.


I have a feeling this will be fixed, in one of the next SCCM builds.


I have tested it with a number of Office 365 ProPlus versions, including changing from 32 to 64 bit and back again and installing Visio/Project only with getting data through MCC.


So far we haven't seen any issues.




@Heine Jeppesen 

Hi Heine,

thank you for your answer! That sounds pretty reasonable to me, I definetely will give it a try!

@Axel Laudan i got a response to my feedback on the MCC doc page that a fix is been worked upon by MS to address this

@Shibaruraya great news! Thank you for sharing!



Yes, this is the fix above, which I tested and confirmed working with the product group.


@Heine Jeppesen 


Had the solution stated by you tested out in the lab and seems to be working. Great help


on support aspect wondering if Microsoft would support this change or the Connected cache product if we make the changes in production



I have been wondering the same - I haven't tried the latest SCCM TPs, to see if it was fixed there.


But it would maybe make sense, if during provisioning of the MMC service, grabbed the configured proxy on the site server and configured that, the same way as we do.

And update/remove if the proxy configuration changes.

@Heine Jeppesen 




have you or anyone in this group tested MCC on a pull distribution point?


Thank you,

So does Someone know if the promised fix made it already into the product? I read through the release notes of the latest SCCM releases but couldn’t find anything?

Yes, cm2002 has it fixed. You need to enable the mcc feature and make sure you have given the proxy details in the site system role of that dp. No other configuration is needed. Make sure proxy has access to the site's mentioned under server farms

@Shibaruraya great! Thank you for the info!!!

@Axel Laudan For the record, this is listed in the What's new in version 2002 of Configuration Manager current branch article:


Proxy support for Microsoft Connected Cache

If your environment uses an unauthenticated proxy server for internet access, now when you enable a Configuration Manager distribution point for Microsoft Connected Cache, it can communicate through the proxy. For more information, see Microsoft Connected Cache.