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I'm using SCCM for a couple of years (10 years) till today without big issues. Since the weekend I have the problem that all devices won't be shown under Assets and Compliance - Devices. The devices will also not shown in the standard system device collection "All Systems". But the devices will be shown in a manually generated collection. It is also possible to deploy software or install computers via Task Sequences. 


Server OS: Windows Server 2016

SQL: SQL 2017

Clients: Windows 7 and Windows 10

Managed clients: round about 4000

Primary site and SQL are on the same server

Can someone help me :)


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Have you review the logs to see what is going on? Have you updated the collection membership? Have you check security setting? Have you check the health of you SQL server?

@Garth Jones Hi Garth, thanks for your answer, i have fixed the problem 5 minutes ago. The problem was a corrupt database entry. With a SQL query I have found the device entry in database, than I have removed the device via PowerShell from configuration manager.


Thanks for your help