Device Wipe Option - Co Managed Windows 10 Clients - Using Intune

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Hello Experts,


I have 2 Domain, and each domain is reporting to dedicated Tenant.

Domain 1:

Name of the Domain : ABC.NET  

Co Management Settings Work Load, as follows (We do not prefer to make changes with Policies 
because Still 3000+ Devices/Clients will be remains at ABC.NET as it is..




Domain 2: 123.ORGIts New Domain, with Azure AD JOINED Device Based Model


Domain 1: ABC.NET --> Devices are Reporting to MECM Client + Intune (Co Management), We are Planning to Wipe the Devices from the Old Domain (ABC.NET) with No DATA, No Apps, and Fresh/Clean Factory Settings..

All the Devices from MECM's with Domain 1 is Visible with Intune, Is that Possible to use the Option 




Sorry, We have limited Devices in the Production and Little Challenges on making it., Would be helpful with your inputs..:)

We like this way to go as users will be at Home Office.. :) 



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