Detection script changes run context when adding dependent Application

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Hello fellow contributors, 


I've recently noticed the following behavior and I hope someone here will help me to understand if this is a bug or a feature :)


while I deploy an app in System context with PowerShell detection script, everything works as expected.

but the moment I add to said app a dependency of an app what configured to run in User context, the following happens:

  • dependent app deployed as expected in User context
  • targeted app Installs in System Context, as expected
  • targeted app detection script runs in User context

the same happens if I use application group.


The scenario, is for deploying Azure VPN Client along with Always on VPN profile (that have to run as System due to current limitations).

Currently I don't have logs on my hands, but if someone seen/heard of this behavior, event if this by design, please share :)


Thank in advance,


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Hi Michael,

Forgive me if I’m not understanding the question. What are you trying to achieve at the end? Pushing Azure VPN client with Always on Profile? If yes, here is a really good way to push Azure VPN and publish Always On VPN Config file using Intune.

Hope this helps!

Hi @Moe_Kinani,


Thank you for your input! you're absolutely right, for Intune managed devices this is definitely the way to go.

but we use MECM, hence, there is a deferent procedure provided by Microsoft to deploy the VPN profile, and it has to run in System context. you can find more information in the following links.
Configure an Always-On VPN user tunnel - Azure VPN Gateway | Microsoft Docs

Configure Windows 10 Client Always On VPN Connections | Microsoft Docs


Although the suggestion is to use a Package, it lacks the ability to detect if a current working profile is already deployed and will disconnect active sessions. for that reason I've created a detection script and implemented the solution as an application.


The app, when deployed by itself, works perfectly, the issue starts when I add the Azure VPN Client app as a dependency, witch is a Store for Business app and deployed in User context.  and the issue affects only detection script, not the deployment itself, so you can say the the solution is working, but I cant really track the actual deployment result.

it's just I'm losing my mind because of the unexpected behavior.


Best regards,