Deployment in Monitoring showing inaccurate compliance information

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starting from a few weeks ago, certain deployment applications showing inaccurate deployment compliance %


For example I have a deployment targeting 53 devices, only 5 of them returned deployment failed, the devices are shown under the "Error" tab, the overall error rate should be less than 10%, but the the little pie chart showing 68% error rate, this low compliance rate also shows in the list of deployments. (please refer to screen shots).

The MECM is on 2303 it's the latest


Also, from the Application infrastructure report, the clients reporting CI Version info timed out (in the screenshot also)










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The details within the console will show devices that have both failed and are successful. As such you should use reporting for compliance.
For the second screen shot, you can see the numbers of deployment errors are 25
which in the first screen shot, the list of error members are 5, the huge difference has never happened in my SCCM life and it also happens in other deployments
Don't use the console for compliance reporting, instead use the SSRS reports only.

Both the 5 and 25 are right in the screenshots. The 25 is right because as some point 25 devices reported problem (might be the same device more than once too). The 5 is also right because, of the 25 devices only 5 are in a error state as of the last summary.