Create an RDS image with Endpoint manager configuration

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We are a small shop with Hybrid AD and I have begun using Endpoint Manager to setup desktops for our users. I login as each user and setup their machine after adding them in the appropriate group and the machine is joined to AAD and software is installed and it is manageable and that is fine, if not a bit time-consuming. Now, however, I need someone to point me to articles or information on how I can create and deploy desktops in my RDS setup. I have desktops up and running and understand the whole VM deployment, but how do I do this if I want to add Endpoint manager and AAD joined VMs. Assuming I don't actually login to each VM like I manually do with physical desktops, are there guides to this type of deployment out there?




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@Don Campbell I'm afraid I don't understand the question... Why would you have to logon to a computer after deploying it? The whole idea behind operating system deployment in ConfigMgr is that it is automated, and it should not be labor intensive at all.

As for the VDI's, it kind of depends on whether these are persistent or non-persistent. Persistent VDI's can be treated the same as a physical device. For non-persistent VDI's, you might want to consider not managing these using ConfigMgr at all (with the possible exception of the golden image). See Manage Configuration Manager clients in a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for more details.