Configuration Manager (SCCM) - Desktop Analytics Configuration Problem

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Hi, I need help in Desktop Analytics Configurations. I think my configuration met all Desktop Analytics requirements but could not catch why it is not working. I m also not good in Desktop Analytics Troubleshooting so i m writing here, maybe someone can help me.
First, I created Desktop Analytics Services via Configuration Manager, followed by a default structure and then continued configuration from But something is wrong because I have not any result, and I m getting this message in the top "We are processing your data. If this message persists for more than 72 hours, you may be having connection health issues". As you see in photo options are still not appear for configuration. I could not create any Deployment plan or to see any updates.


Could someone explain what this issue is and how it can solve it? My current Configuration Manager version is 1910.

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@rashadbakirov Check out the Troubleshoot Desktop Analytics article for some troubleshooting guidance.



Configuration Manager (SCCM) - Desktop Analytics Problem was solved. I don't get the real issue. But I made two changes. First, i enabled "enable communication with health attestation service" in Client Settings. The second change was I think was the main reason, before I used "" account, I think it was a mistake, in the last installation I  changed it to Azure Sync domain user.

@Swaminathan_Arumugam , @Michiel Overweel thank you guys both comments were useful