ConfigMgr Updates and Servicing - process for site system servers

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Hi all


I've got a question on how ConfigMgr applies in console updates to roles/components on site system servers.  From documentation and searches I have found, I understand it is an automated process however I want to have some idea of how it happens, how long it takes to start an update on a site server, and how you can confirm it has completed successfully.


The only thing I have been able to find is some documentation about the update process on distribution point components:

DP installation, upgrade, and configuration - Configuration Manager | Microsoft Learn


So, to give an idea of my case, perform 2303 in console update on:


Server A - Standalone Primary Site - usual roles/components

Server B - Site system server - management point, distribution point, software update point

Server C - Site system server - distribution point


Obviously I can monitor the update progress using the console+logs on Server A.


According to the doco linked above, I can follow the DP update status.  But what about the other components on site system servers?  







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