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Deployed ConfigMgr CMG last week to allow us to control deployment of Windows Updates, Applications, and Remote Control clients that are not in the office. The deployment of Applications and Windows Updates is working great. I cannot get the remote control to work and not able to find much assistance in the documentation. The Remote Control client doesn't even appear to have the options is see for remote control that is in some of the preview documentation.

Thanks for any help


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Remote Control via CMG has been a feature in the Technical Preview branch of ConfigMgr for years but never made it to Current Branch. Yesterday MS announced Remote Help.

This could mean that development of Remote Control capabilities over CMG are effectively dead but I'd wait for an official response before assuming that is true.
Thanks Cristopher. Did not realize that it never made it out of preview.



More info on this topic. The release notes for ConfigMgr Technical Preview 2112 confirms that remote control over CMG is being removed.




They're going all-in with the Remote Help tool which is cloud-based and has additional licensing fees.

Remote Help is generally available, effectively putting the final nail in the coffin for Remote Control over CMG. To add insult to injury, they're charging $3.50 per user per month on top of your existing E3/E5 license cost.