Co-Management (SCCM+Intune) Hybrid Model to Intune Standalone Migration

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I have requirements where Co-Management (SCCM+Intune) already deployed and now have plan to migrate on Intune Standalone without SCCM. Can anyone please guide or share some documentations as per Microsoft official site they mentioned high level that is not enough to proceed since there are many dependency like on-Prem AD ,GPO etc. How to get started and what are the consideration need to perform. Any down time expected while doing transition.

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Hi Moe,

Thanks for sharing although the first url define well about what are the considerations and planning but steps not mentioned how to get started like step by step guide , While second link also share more content instead of some test case scenario. If you find some other please do share or if experience of same.
A Hybrid Active Directory infrastructure is completely fine when moving from Co-Mgmt to Intune Standalone. Perhaps that part is causing some confusion. As long as you have the Intune Workloads figured out, and are no longer reliant on ConfigMgr for any workloads, Intune will work fine. Essentially, you are removing the SCCM Client from your endpoints at that point. Once you are at that point, you can begin to discuss perhaps transitioning away from your on prem Active Directory for things such as Group Policy, Certificate Delivery, etc on your endpoints. Migrating away from on prem active directory for your users is a different conversation.
@Nathan thanks for the clarity , Since most of the workload i.e. clients are managed by SCCM currently. So found different blogs with different approaches some just mentioned main polices/apps migrated but again there is not step by step guide or plan shared by Microsoft since its really strange that Microsoft even remove details content from doc site and just mentioned level points without any consideration. Yeah you are right that for AD (GPO, Certification etc) there is some other approach however i still have concern how to get started although get existing infra details what will be next step and what will be migrated and mos important device security since we don't afford a delay regarding client connectivity.
Did someone can guide about while doing transition any down time occur like end user device not complaint or policies misconfigured. Also did anyone share his experience of this migration end user impact or it will be done smoothly if follow best standard practice
Import and Export data
Mixed authority and test pilot user migration
Shifting all Workloads to Intune
Disable co-management

Any end user impact. Please suggest
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You will not find any official migration document because there can't be one. Every configmgr setup is different and the product is meant to be an on-premises device management tool. Only workloads can and device objects can be migrated which Microsoft have already made it possible through Co-management and tenant attach. Once you have moved all your workloads to Intune, you can uninstall ConfigMgr agent and start managing Windows 10\11 devices using Intune. The main requirement to be considered will be hybrid join and you will need to evaluate whether it is a requirement for you or not because this will drive the configuration for the Autopilot provisioning. Other than that all your workloads should work using Intune right out of the box.
Hi Rahul

Thanks for the sharing summarize solution that what i really want to confirmed before proceed. Also concern about Hybrid Join since again did not find Microsoft document. Can you please share about both scenarios like if Hybrid Join is required then how to proceed provisioning and if not then what are the steps?