Co-Management and Compliance

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Hi! I installed Endpoint Config Manager mainly to practice for the Modern Desktop cert and also to give try out Device Analytics.

During my configuration, I noticed one of my Intune windows VMs was marked under Compliance as "Co-Managed" and CfgManager as the compliance source, even before completing the co-management config, I assumed I may have made a mistake in the configuration order/steps and didnt give it much thought.

Now afer taking my test, I am trying to put that machine back into Intune management but for nothing under the influence of the mighty Providence I can manage to make that machine to report compliance by Intune.

I have tried: 

- removing the machine from the Co-Management scoped collection

- manually uninstalling the SCCM client

- Manually removing the management authority registry key

- Reconfiguring the management scope in ConfigMgr to intune for all workloads

- other even more esoteric stuff that I dont even remember now

Any ideas?

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You can try this :
1. Unenroll the machine from Intune
2. Remove the machine from scope in ConfigMgr
3. Uninstall ConfigMgr agent
4 Re-enroll in Intune